Hot air ballooning is a relatively new adventure activity in India, but one that’s fast growing in popularity. It’s a thrilling way to experience India and get a different perspective of the country.

Imagine having a calm and peaceful view of India’s breathtaking scenery from a quiet place high above the crowds. Hot air ballooning isn’t as scary as you may imagine either. It actually feels like you’re as light as a feather as you float though the sky.

Hot Air Balloon rides are a general idea of fun at foreign locales, but having one in India is as amusing as it sounds! The concept may have taken its own good time to initialize in India, with the help of some good investment and interest, today you can find many places that offer hot air balloon rides, which tower some amazing sceneries. So, get ready to experience the best and most amazing ride of your life. Here is a list of some of the best destinations in India for Hot Air Balloon rides

Where :-

The desert state of Rajasthan is the most popular place for hot air ballooning in India. Flights operate from the Pink City of Jaipur, the holy town of Pushkar, sandstone city of Jaisalmer, Blue City of Jodhpur, and Ranthambore National Park . View wild animals at Ranthambore from the safety of a hot air balloon, or get a bird’s eye view of the Pushkar Camel Fair!

 Another beautiful place to go on a hot air balloon is Lonavla in Maharashtra where the ride will take you through some of the lush greenery hills of the region, which are worth every single penny spent. Mumbai residents can make a quick getaway to enjoy the ride as it is just one and a half hours away from the city.

When is the Best Time

Balloon flights mostly operate from September to the end of March, while the weather is dry and not too hot. Flights leave early in the morning as the sun rises, and also in the evening before sunset. If there is enough demand, early morning flights are also possible from April to June. You should plan to set aside around 4 hours for your flight, including travel to and from your hotel. The ballooning company will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to where the flight will depart from.

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